May 26, 2014 National Post article by Olivia Chow: “I’ll get Toronto moving, now.”

An article by Olivia Chow in the May 26, 2014 National Post is entitled: “I’ll get Toronto moving, now.”

You can access the article here.


The following message is from Olivia Chow, whose candidacy I support, as noted in an earlier editorial at this website.

The following text is written by Olivia Chow:

I can’t go anywhere in our city without someone talking to me about transit.

People like Selina, whom I met on the TTC when I was on my way to announce a policy for pedestrian safety. Selina told me she’s a big supporter of my plan for better bus service.

Because she spends four hours a day getting to and from work—on two trains, two buses and one streetcar.

There are 1.6 million people like her every day, riding the TTC. So we need a transit plan that improves service today, while fixing it and building it for tomorrow.

That’s what my plan does with clear short-, medium- and long-term priorities—from better bus service now, to a subway relief line in the future. You can see it at

After almost three months of saying nothing specific on transit, John Tory says he’s releasing proposals tomorrow. So today, I have an article in the National Post about the criteria we should use to evaluate Mr. Tory’s plan, as you can also see below.




Our city has a mayor who doesn’t like or understand public transit. We can’t afford another. That’s why I will be paying very close attention to what Mr. Tory has to say, and evaluating his ideas based on these six tests.

Thanks for your interest in our city,



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