An MCHS Sixties grad is interested in a mini-reunion – a casual get together – in Montreal in mid-August 2014

I’ve recently been in touch with a Malcolm High School Sixties grad who does not get to Canada every year. When she does get to Canada she usually passes through Montreal on her way to Prince Edward Island where her mother lives. She’s travelling to PEI in 2014 – this year.

She will likely not make it to the Sixties Reunion on October 17, 2015 in Toronto, as two trips in two years would be too much for her.

She would, however, really enjoy a casual get together with Sixties MCHS graduates – a mini reunion with 3 or 13 people or whatever – in mid-August 2014 (that is, not 2015) in Montreal.

[Update: The mini-reunion will be on Aug. 13, 2014.]

I’ve copied her message to a few people in Montreal that we’ve been in touch with in recent weeks. I think the idea of a Montreal mini-reunion is mid-August 2014 is a great idea! I would possibly be able to arrange to attend such a mini-reunion myself, if I can arrange it, as I enjoy travelling to Montreal from time to time.

Occasional mini-reunions as a sequel to the October 2015 reunion also warrant consideration. Especially given that we’re developing a database of names and contact details, it wouldn’t be hard to arrange such mini-reunions. I’m really pleased that this concept has been presented for discussion.

Our correspondent has added:

“I was thinking of suggesting a PEI-based reunion – why not, if Toronto can hold one, it could be anywhere!”

Please let me know if the get together in Montreal this August appeals to you. I will get you in touch with the originator of the idea.


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  1. Mary Lynne Dewhurst
    Mary Lynne Dewhurst says:

    I’m very interested in attending the mini reunion this summer. Please keep me posted as to date, location and any other pertinent details. Thanks so much

  2. Bryan Allen
    Bryan Allen says:

    Plz keep me posted on the mini-reunion. I MAY be able to attend.Just got back from a trip and have another lengthy one planned for Septembre. MAY be able to “squeeze“another one in.


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