Jim Carr helped us to identify the Henderson motorcycle in 1927 Etobicoke Creek photo

Jim Carr, who passed away suddenly on June 3, 2014, some time back helped us to identify the make of the motorcycle – a Henderson – in a 1927 photo taken by the radial railway bridge at Etobicoke Creek.

We’re assuming it was taken in 1927 because, as Mike James of Brampton has pointed out, you can make out the year 1927 on the license plate.

You can access the post here.

We’ve also discussed the Henderson motorcycle in another post.


Radial bridge over Highway 2 (now Lake Shore Blvd. West) - 1927. Photo © Durance family and Robert Lansdale


Henderson 7hp Four 1912. The image is an illustration by Jaan Pill based on a photo on p. 30 of Motorcycle: The Definitive Visual History (2012).

As a previous post notes, the Henderson motorcycles, built from 1912 to 1930, became popular with police forces, as they were known as being faster than anything else on the roads at the time.

As the post notes, particular design considerations came into play in the design of the Henderson:

“Roads between cities were entirely unpaved, so effective suspension was a vital development, as was rugged construction, ease of access for tire repairs, and forms of gearing to cope with hilly terrain.”


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