Update regarding comments related to format for MCHS Sixties Reunion

It’s great to be getting feedback from many sources regarding the ideal setup for the Malcolm Campbell High School Sixties Reunion, taking place October 17, 2015 in Toronto.

Here’s what we have so far, regarding some key concepts related to the format:

Should reunion be by classes or one big group?

Several people have offered comments regarding this question.

1) The first comment:

“For what it is worth, I suggest we do this gathering as one big group. There is a lot of crossover between years. Some years could be very small. Just one man’s opinion.”

2) Another comment:

“I agree with the concept of one large group. My sense is that, as an attendee, I can learn many things by meeting people in a larger group, and would find it interesting to meet all kinds of people that I may not have known all that well during the high school years. It would be great to meet people just at random.

“I also have an interest in what is known about networking. The people who are at the outer edges of a given network are often the people who are often the best contacts for networking. I’ve read research pointing to this feature of networks of people.

3) “… with regard to how to organize the event as ‘one large group’, as opposed to “individual years.” I will give you my comments (personal). From my experience attending the 50th anniversary of CUSO in Ottawa, I have to say that I sincerely hope that I can really talk to people that I actually knew in high school. To me, the best part of the CUSO get-together was a smaller pre-event supper just for East African volunteers at a local restaurant. In other words, although it’s always interesting to meet new people, for an event like a high school reunion, I think that attendees really want to see and talk to the people they knew way back when. This may be premature, but if there are to be ‘seating’ plans (as opposed to a walk-around buffet), I’m hoping that attendees can be somehow grouped according to their grad year. This is my personal opinion.”

4) “The MCHS 25th at the Montreal Convention Centre was a huge success with everyone who attended.  Following that example would be wise.  The tables were organized by year as I recall and there was plenty of room for dancing.”

We welcome additional comments

Regarding this topic, my thinking is 1) it’s an important topic, and 2) possibly a scenario in which people have the opportunity to meet at the reunion in both “one group” and “class by class” settings might be feasible. We’re pleased that several people have commented to date.

We welcome additional comments and input regarding all topics related to the reunion.

It’s great to have a wide range of conversations about these topics. It’s part of the research process that will help the Reunion Committee arrive at great decisions – regarding this particular reunion, at this point in our history as a cohort of students. By cohort I’m referring to a group of individuals having a statistical factor (as age or high school class membership) in common. Having studied Latin at Malcolm Campbell High School (with Mrs. Dunwoodie) I can add that cohort is from the Latin cohors cohort– meaning enclosure, company.


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