Good question: Why have an MCHS Sixties Reunion in Toronto and not Montreal?


Just curious. Why hold the reunion in Toronto when MCHS was in Montreal? Seems so remote.


That’s a good question. Our thinking was that MCHS Sixties graduates are now heavily concentrated in Ontario, and spread across North America from Vancouver to Florida, and also living in other countries such as Australia. The school itself was closed, in 1987 I believe.

Many of the key organizers for the conference live in southern Ontario. That’s another reason why we settled on Toronto.

However, I would add that a mini-reunion is planned for Montreal in mid-August, this year:

An MCHS Sixties grad is interested in a mini-reunion – a casual get together – in Montreal in mid-August 2014

It’s our hope that there will be many such mini-reunions over the years. In fact, we’ve been delighted to learn that many groups of MCHS grads have been involved in the staging of such get togethers over the years.

Having a database in place, thanks to the much appreciated volunteer work by Howard Hight and Diana Redden, and with people connecting via social media, all it takes is one or a handful of people to set up a mini-reunion — a casual, informal get together of 3 or 13 people — anywhere in the world, at any time.


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