W.O. 09-20003 QEW Improvements from Evans Avenue to Cawthra Road – Community Workshop #2 Meeting Minutes

In recent years I’ve been following with interest the QEW Improvements from Evans Avenue to Cawthra Road project. I originally learned of the project from David Juliusson of Long Branch. I’ve written several blog posts about the QEW project, including:

I recently attended the Public Information Centre # 2 in connection with the QEW Improvements from Evans Ave. to Cawthra Road

W.O. 09-20003 QEW Improvements from Evans Avenue to Cawthra Road – Community Workshop #1 meeting minutes

Community Workshop: QEW Evans Avenue to Cawthra Road

Bailey Bridge at Applewood Village Plaza; 1909 Middle Road Bridge

Conversations that I’ve had at community meetings related to the QEW Improvements project have led me to learn more about the local history of south Mississauga:

Bailey Bridge extends across the Queen Elizabeth Way at Applewood Village Plaza in Mississauga

1909 postcard on the radials through Long Branch (Jane Fairburn); 1909 Middle Road Bridge (Dave Cook)

Excellent communications; impressive level of community engagement

As is the case with my interest in Inspiration Lakeview and related projects, I am highly impressed with the quality of communications and community engagement associated with the QEW Improvements project.

April 14, 2014 message regarding the QEW Improvements project

In this regard, I’m pleased to share with you an April 14, 2014 message from Dawn McKinnon. I’ve made it a point to track down the relevant email, so that I can share it with Preserved Stories visitors. In the following text, I’ve broken the original paragraphs into shorter ones, for ease in online reading:


Thank you for attending Community Workshop #2 on November 16, 2013 for the Preliminary Design and Class Environmental Assessment Study for improvements to the QEW from Evans Avenue to Cawthra Road.

Please find attached the meeting minutes [see below] from the Community Workshop for your information.  This document will also be posted on the project website.

Over the next few months, the Project Team will refine the Technically Preferred Alternative based on comments received from the community, consultation with key stakeholders / agencies and technical review by the Project Team.

The Preliminary Design will then be developed, as well as mitigation measures to address any potential impacts. This information will be presented for review and comment at the third and final Public Information Centre and Community Workshop, anticipated to take place this fall.

As you have been confirmed on our project contact list, you will be notified of both the third Public Information Centre and Community Workshop once they have been scheduled.

For additional details and updates about the study, please visit the project website at www.qewdixieea.ca.

Kind regards,


Dawn McKinnon, BA, DEIA
Environmental Planner
On behalf of the QEW Dixie EA Project Team

MMM Group Limited
2655 North Sheridan Way, Suite 300
Mississauga, ON Canada L5K 2P8
t: 905.823.8500 x1283 | f: 905.823.8503

McKinnonD@mmm.ca | www.mmm.ca

[End of text from Dawn McKibbon]

The attached document can be accessed here:

QEW Evans Ave to Cawthra Rd – CW2 Meeting Minutes

The project website (see link above) includes a link to a PDF file of the information presented at the Oct. 24, 2013 Community Meeting.


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