Mediterranean diet is high in vegetables, fruits, whole grains and olive oil, & low in dairy products & meat

A Dec. 2, 2014 New York Times article is entitled: “Mediterranean Diet Is Good for Your DNA.” A search for the word “sugar” at the Preserved Stories site will round out the discussion. A search for the word “vegetables” at the Preserved Stories site also turns up items of interest. Moderation is helpful with regard […]

Evans-Pritchard explores a “closed system of thought”

In a previous post, I’ve discussed an overview of the career of Sherry B. Ortner, an anthropologist that I learned about through reading work by another anthropologist, Marjorie Harness Goodwin. In this post, I will discuss another anthropologist. Ortner has studied the anthropology of the Sherpas of Nepal, the life stories of a 1950s New Jersey […]

Bob Carswell adds a comment about the caddy shack at the Marlborough golf club. Eric Karbin comments also.

Bob Carswell has added a comment at a previous post entitled: Additional comments from Graeme Decarie – regarding Saraguay, Cartierville School, and Marlborough golf club This is the comment; I’m posting it here to bring your attention to the discussion: Bob Carswell comments: To Eric et al, These were posted a few weeks ago so […]

What is mindfulness?

The purpose of this post is to highlight a range of definitions for the term “mindfulness.” I’ve written this post primarily to organize my own thinking with regard to how the term is defined, by different people, in different contexts. I believe there is value in precision in the use of language when concepts such […]

La Parete Gallery, 1086 Bathurst St., Toronto – Art of the 1960s and contemporary painters

Among the cultural resources that interest me, with regard to MCHS 60s Biographies & Histories, are painting from the 1960s. If you make it to the MCHS 60s Reunion & Celebration of the 60s on Oct. 17, 2015, and decide to stay to visit around Toronto that weekend, La Parete Gallery at 1086 Bathurst Street (just […]

Volunteer work is good for us

I’ve been doing volunteer work for several decades. In the late 1980s while I was working as a public school teacher, I got started with volunteer work because I wanted to compare notes with people who had gone through some relatively rare experiences that I had gone through. The process just went on from there. […]