I became interested in Doi Chaang coffee after reading a research report about Fair Trade coffee

I used to buy two or three or more cups of coffee every day, at coffee shops everywhere. I now grind my own batches of Doi Chaang coffee using a mid-level Cuisinart coffee maker. I drink two cups per day. The text at the link at the previous sentence is committed to the principle that […]

Tim Hewlings has shared two great maps highlighting the history of Bois Franc – a topic Graeme Decarie had asked about

Tim Hewlings writes: “Here are a couple of maps of the area that might help the discussion. Maybe you can upload them.” You can click on each image to enlarge it. The discussion about Bois Franc is at these posts, to which I’ve now added the maps: Graeme Decarie has a question about the old […]

MCHS Bio for Graeme Decarie, who taught for three years at Malcolm Campbell High School

Born into pretty severe poverty in Montreal’s Villeray district. (1933 was a bad year to be born.) Attended Crystal Springs School, a four-room school built to the same design as the original version of Cartierville School. Failed grade 10, was failing grade 11 when principal called me down to say, “Let’s face it, Decarie, you […]

We’ve had many comments in response to Graeme Decarie’s Bois Franc question

We’ve had many comments in response to the following post connected to Malcolm Campbell High School: Graeme Decarie has a question about the old Bois Franc. Do you know the answer? Here’s the most recent comment, from Tim Hewlings of Montreal. I mention the most recent post as a way to bring attention to the […]

Stolen minivan smashes into front porch of Etobicoke home: Van was stolen as it was warming-up in driveway – Dec. 17, 2014 CBC article

A Dec. 17, 2014 CBC article is entitled: “Stolen minivan smashes into front porch of Etobicoke home: Van was stolen as it was warming-up in the driveway.” Cars no longer have carburetors and chokes The first moral of the story is: “Don’t leave it idling to warm-up while you go inside.” The second moral: “In general, […]

Robert Frank inspired a new way of looking

In a previous post I mentioned The Americans (1958 in France; 1959 in U.S.; 2008) by Robert Frank. A Google search for Robert Frank will tell you more about his career as a photographer. The Americans is the topic of Chapter 20 (in the form of an essay) in 1959: The Year that Changed Everything (2009) […]

The Meaning of Human Existence (2014)

I’ve been reading books about the 1950s and 1960s. 1959 Among them is: 1959: The Year that Changed Everything (2009). Chapter 20, “Seeing the Invisible,” concerns the work of the photographer Robert Frank, with a focus on the latter’s The Americans (2008). Frank Kaplan, the author of 1959, has a Ph.D. from MIT in political […]

Stay Awhile: daughter makes doc about family band The Bells – Toronto Star, Nov. 26, 2014

Updates: Bob Carswell and Jaan Pill attended the April 24, 2015 Toronto premiere of “Stay Awhile”; it was a great occasion: Stay Awhile – April 24, 2015 Toronto premiere of documentary about The Bells Additional posts mentioning Jacki Ralph can be found at this link. I’m pleased to share with you the following earlier update […]

The nation-state circa 1950 is described as unencumbered by international obligations, co-operation, and constraint

The quotation is: ” Its focus is the nation-state circa 1950, romantically unencumbered by international obligations, co-operation and constraint.” That’s one way to characterize the 1950s. The source is a Dec. 3, 2014 article at openDemocracy.net entitled: “UKIP is the formation of a new political elite – nothing more.” Conceptualizations of the 1950s My purpose in […]

Military history mural at Dixie Road and Lakeshore Road East contends with gusts of wind and forces of gravity

Update: Ward 1 Mississauga Councillor Jim Tovey has informed us: “We will be moving the Mural to the building facade in the spring.” [End of update]   I enjoy visiting the military history mural at Dixie Road and Lakeshore Road East in Lakeview in Mississauga next to the starting point for the Hanlan Water Project. The […]