We seek your suggestions regarding design and features of the MCHS 2015 website


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We are re-designing our website to make it easier for potential MCHS 2015 attendees to find their way – quickly and easily – to relevant information about the 1960s reunion that is taking place at Old Mill, Toronto on Oct. 17, 2015.

By 1960s reunion, we mean that the reunion is open to any Malcolm Campbell High School student who attended in the 1960s – including students who graduated from MCHS in the 1970s or graduated from another high school after attending MCHS in the 1960s.

View looking south from Old Mill Road in the Kingsway residential neighbourhood. One of the three main entrances to Old Mill is the entrance where the cars are parked. Jaan Pill photo

View of Old Mill from Bloor Street West. You can click on the image to enlarge it. Old Mill Subway is in foreground. Jaan Pill photo

We welcome your suggestions

Any suggestions you may have, regarding the re-design, will be much appreciated.

We are now developing the navigation system and texts for the menu pages, which will be accessible through a menu across the top of the home page at the Preserved Stories website.

You can check progress on the re-design by visiting the home page of the site.

Menu items

Currently, we have the following menu items across the top of the page, under the old banner (which will be replaced with the new MCHS 2015 banner):

Left to right:


This will, as I understand, be replaced by the Reunion Home page – with an Introduction created for the page by Howard Hight of Boston and Diana Redden of Vancouver. They are currently writing a draft of the text.


That’s the next menu item as you move from left to right across the menu.


This will have the most recent updates related to the planning process, and details regarding the buffer dinner menu, hotel accommodations, events on the day before and after the reunion, and so on.


We have (as of Jan. 19, 2015 – it may be updated in the days that follow) posted a draft of a text for this page. We welcome your comments. How is the length of the text, from your perspective. Is it too long? Too short?

Would it make sense, from your point of view, to break down memories by year with sub-menus? That is, would it make sense to arrange stories by 1961-62; 1962-63; 1963-64, etc.?

If you’ve been reading previous MCHS 60s posts, can you think of menu items that might be useful, as a way to organize information by themes? Any suggestions that occur to you will be of interest to us.


As we’ve noted previously, this page will address questions such as:

“What do I get for $150? How can I help? What’s in it for me? What if no one is there who remembers me? Who cares about a reunion? Why does it matter? Why a reunion in Toronto and not Montreal? What if I don’t like loud music? What if I don’t want to dance?”

Do you have suggestions for what kinds of FAQs are especially important? Any other suggestions – such as your concept of what the best answer is for any of the questions – will be of interest to the organizing committee.


In the text that we’ve entered for this page, we’ve mentioned three Facebook links, where we currently post information. Any suggestions you may have regarding additional links, that people may want to know about, would be much appreciated.

Please let us know, as well, if you have any suggestions on how we can use Facebook to publicize our reunion, in ways that we may not yet have thought of. As well, if you have suggestions regarding any other social media platforms – such as Twitter – that you would recommend we use to publicize the reunion, and to generate conversations, please let us know. If you would like to help out with the social media end of the publicity and marketing of the reunion, please let us know!

 Length of texts

The post you are now reading is about 700 words long. Is that a good length for a post? Should it be shorter? Or longer? What works best for you, as a site visitor?


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