I was in Grade 4 at Cartierville School in 1955 when one morning students told me about the previous night’s Montreal Forum Riot

In a previous post about Cartierville School in Montreal, I’ve noted that I remember that the Maurice Richard Riot at the Montreal Forum on March 17, 1955 might have occurred when I was at the school. I may have heard people talking about it in the hallway. There was talk about streetcars being overturned, as I […]

Humber College Interpretive Centre: Website, Open House, Vision

I am pleased to share with you the following message from L Space Gallery at the Humber College Lakeshore Campus: Interpretive Centre: Website, Open House, Vision Hello friends! I have very exciting updates. 1. Website · Our website www.lakeshoregrounds.ca is now live! 2. Open Houses · We will be conducting 2 Open Houses for community input. If […]

South Etobicoke Transit Action Committee (SETAC) is a volunteer-led transit advocacy group in Etobicoke-Lakeshore

Following text is from the SETAC website: South Etobicoke Transit Action Committee (SETAC) is a volunteer-led transit advocacy group in the Etobicoke Lakeshore area founded on the principle of better decisions through better information. We provide information and discussion about transit modes, options, routes, as well as land use and planning proposals to help Lakeshore residents, […]

The Teenage Brain: Uniquely powerful, vulnerable, not fully developed

One of the many benefits of working at organizing a 1960s high school reunion is that you get to re-visit topics that you may have forgotten about. You also pick up new information that wasn’t even know at the time. Consider a Jan. 13, 2015 headline from CBC the Current: “The Teenage Brain: Uniquely powerful, […]

Ulrich Laska has added a comment to our forum about Cartierville School

Ulrich Laska (MCHS ’63) has shared with us the following comment at the earlier post entitled: Cartierville School in Montreal I’m pleased to share with you his text as a separate post, in order to bring your attention to it. Wonderful to read your comment, Ulrich! It has occurred to me to ask: Are there […]

Make it Stick: The Science of Successful Learning (2014) speaks of “growth mindsets”

In previous posts, I’ve spoken of Ellen Langer’s concept of mindful learning (based on her particular definition of mindfulness) and have also spoken of research about how we learn, the concept of the organized mind, and how to maintain “memory fitness.” 8 tips for studying smarter I was thinking about the above-related topics when I came […]

MCHS 2015 organizing committee met in Kitchener on Feb. 4, 2015. Steve Shein joined us for the meeting.

Attending the Feb. 4, 2015 organizing committee meeting in Kitchener were Scott Munro, Peter Mearns, Steve Shein, and Jaan Pill. The snowy weather prevented Gina (Davis) Cayer – who was flying home from the U.S. – and Lynn (Hennebury) Legge – who would have been driving from London, Ontario – from attending. We welcome all […]

This is Mercury for 1965 …now in the Lincoln Continental tradition – 1960s Ford Motor Company ad

Click on each image to enlarge it. Click again to enlarge it further. The headline for this two-page magazine spread reads: This is Mercury for 1965 …now in the Lincoln Continental tradition The advertisement reads: “We predict that the reaction of many people when they first see a 1965 Mercury drive by will be: “What […]

Accommodations details for MCHS ’60s Reunion attendees staying at Old Mill Toronto

We are working on the FAQ for the new reunion website. The new site will be launched soon. The home page will feature an introduction by Howard Hight and Diana Redden. Until then, when you visit the new domain address www.mchs2015.com you will get a list of recent blog posts related to the MCHS 2015 reunion. Here […]