CBC Fresh Air: A prescription for better public health – May 24, 2015

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I’m a keen fan of following the evidence, wherever it may lead as in the case of what research indicates about sugar. A typical post that I’ve uploaded previously is:

Free sugars cause more inflammation at a cellular level, which promotes heart disease and stroke

The CBC Fresh Air interview (see link at the top of the page) that I heard on May 24, 2015 is an inspiring, evidence-based presentation of the facts, as they related to behaviour change strategies, with regard to topics such as sugar.

The CBC Fresh Air Facebook Page introduces the interview as follows:

“Longtime health policy expert Dr. John Frank, who was recruited from Canada to become Scotland’s Director of Scottish Collaboration for Public Health Research, offers a prescription for improving our health care system. He talks about and what his experiences both here and abroad have shown him to be effective in helping people improve their health and health care.”


A Jan. 17, 2016 Guardian article is entitled: “Sweet nightmares: a guide to cutting down on sugar: Sugar is making us fatter and sicker. Yet we still don’t realise how much we’re eating. As the government considers imposing a tax, we look at how to cut down without missing out. Plus: alternative recipes.”


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