Noreen McMillan (MCHS ’62) shares five great photos from the 1962 Graduation Prom

Noreen McMillan, a member of the MCHS 2015 Entertainment Subcommittee, has shared five photos with us from the 1962 Graduation Prom at Malcolm Campbell High School.

Noreen mentions that she cannot remember names of some of the people. If anybody can help with identifying them, please let us know.

Click on the photos to enlarge them; click again to enlarge them further


Left to right: Guest: Renee; Guest: Pierre; Graduate: Marilyn Johnson; Guest of Marilyn: Sonny Shlien; Guest of Noreen: Gilles Langevin. Graduate: Noreen (Doherty) McMillan; Graduate: ???; Guest of Graduate: ??? Source: Noreen (Doherty) McMillen



Preparing for Graduation Prom – Left to right: Noreen Doherty, Marilyn Johnson. Source: Noreen (Doherty) McMillan


Left to right: Guest of Marilyn: Sonny Shlien; Graduate: Marilyn Johnson; next two people are unknown; followed by unidentified Graduate and unidentified Guest of Graduate. Source: Noreen (Doherty) McMillan



Left to right: Sonny Shlien; Marilyn Johnson (Graduate); Noreen (Doherty) McMillan (Graduate); Gilles Langevin. Source: Noreen (Doherty) McMillan


The two girls are Graduates, with their dates. Source: Noreen (Doherty) McMillan


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