MCHS 2015: If you have a choice regarding mall destinations, while in Toronto, Sherway Gardens is a good option

The Stay Inn is the hotel, close to Sherway Gardens and not far from Cloverdale Mall. where a number MCHS grads and spouses will be staying on the weekend of the Oct. 17, 2015 MCHS ’60s Reunion.

I’ve recently been involved in a Facebook discussion concerning which mall would be worth visiting, if you had to choose between Sherway Gardens and Cloverdale. The sense I got from the discussion is that, if you had to choose one destination mall, Sherway is the one.

The new Food Court isn't called a Food Court, perhaps. The sign says Gourmet Fare. The teenagers I spoke with said it's the New Food Court. Jaan Pill photo

The sign says Gourmet Fare. The teenagers I spoke with said it’s the New Food Court. Jaan Pill photo

This makes sense, in the event you like things that are new and spectacular. Today Wednesday, Sept. 30, 2015 I had the opportunity to visit, for the first time, the newly-opened Food Court at Sherway Gardens and I must say it was an impressive sight.

I also had the opportunity to gather some comments, from a couple of Grade 10 students who attend Richview Collegiate Institute in Etobicoke. One of the students said she was impressed that such an extensive amount of construction could have been completed without anybody noticing.

“I don’t know how they did it,” she said, “without anyone noticing. It’s so weird.’

The other student, who had bought a new shirt, said “That was a nice shopping excursion” as she proceeded home to do her homework. She added that she would have preferred if today were Friday instead of Wednesday.

I do like Cloverdale Mall as well. It’s got a human scale, that I find attractive. If you have the chance, it’s good to visit both, along with other MCHS grads, and then contrast and compare. You can turn the experience into a Toronto field trip!


A June 25, 2017 CBC article is entitled: “Coming soon to a mall near you: condos and office space: Redevelopment of malls means less retail, more entertainment.”


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