Lakeview Ratepayers Association – Oct. 8, 2015 AGM & All Candidates Debate: 6:30 pm Mississauga Seniors Centre

I am very highly impressed, as a resident of an adjoining community, with the work and the record of achievement in recent years of the Lakeview Ratepayers Association. That being the case, I’m pleased to share the following information (see photo below). For details, click here.

That’s an impressive sign. Strong contrast between figure and ground. Bold lettering. Concise message. All of the communications I’ve seen coming out of Lakeview – as in Lakeview Waterfront Connection Project; Inspiration Lakeview; Small Arms Project; Lakeview Legacy Project – are of the highest quality.

I am also impressed with the level of genuine and meaningful citizen engagement, and the ongoing, interconnected approach to planning that Lakeview is involved with.

The approach that is evident in all of the Lakeview initiatives, that I’ve been following for some years, takes input from citizens, regional agencies, and all three levels of government closely into account. That kind of broad engagement is impressive, and gives rise to successful, large-scale, community-driven projects.

Jaan Pill photo

Jaan Pill photo

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