Soryl (Shulman) Rosenberg, who taught at MCHS in the 1960s will be attending the MCHS 2015 reunion and will make a brief presentation

Soryl Shulman Rosenberg. Source: MCHS 1964-65 yearbook

Soryl (Shulman} Rosenberg. Source: MCHS 1964-65 yearbook

The most recent MCHS ’60s Reunion Attendee List (as of Oct. 1) can be accessed here. I’m pleased to say that Soryl (Shulman) Rosenberg, who taught at MCHS and is very close in age to the students that she taught in the early and mid 1960s, will be attending. She will make a brief presentation recalling how those years at MCHS are among her most cherished memories. All those hours spent with students after classes. She got to know many MCHS students and is pleased to have this opportunity to join the ’60s Reunion.

Mrs. Rosenberg comments: “Excited to see you all soon!”

I will post more information over the next day or so, as time permits.

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