“Just discovered,” Graeme Decarie reports: Book given to him by his Grade 7 class at Parkdale in 1958

Scan supplied by Graeme Decarie

Scan supplied by Graeme Decarie

I’m pleased to share these scans from the book that Graeme Decarie received from his students at Parkdale in 1958:

Graeme Decarie writes:

It’s book given to me by my grade 7 class at Parkdale in 1958. It’s called The Wisdom of China and India, and it was signed by the class. I recognize some of the names from MCHS. Peter MacAllister, Vivian Zbik, Carol Damant, Diane Fagg, Linda Colucci, Don Robertson……

This must be the book that gave me my spiritual qualities.


Graeme adds:

I remember them well. As I read the names, I could still picture them in their seats. My, I miss teaching.


As well:

Bob Carswell is 71? I still think of him as the kid in my YMCA youth group at Cartierville school who was constantly demanding that I set up a game of “buck-buck”.


Scan supplied by Graeme Decarie. Click on the image to enlarge it; click again to enlarge it further.

Scan supplied by Graeme Decarie. Click on the image to enlarge it; click again to enlarge it further.


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  1. Vivien Lapa nee Zbik ( I used to spell it Vivian)
    Vivien Lapa nee Zbik ( I used to spell it Vivian) says:

    Dear Jaan,

    I often hear Proff. Decarie on CJAD radio and it reminds me of those times when he was our teacher at Parkdale elementary. Lots of us transferred to the newly established Malcolm Campbell High School, though I never did have him again as my teacher. I am in contact with Diane Allnutt, who lives near me, ie Dollard des Ormeaux, QC. I attended one of the MCHS reunions but not since. Some class mates have even died, which is a pity as we are only in our early ’70’s and lead active lives. Thanks for the memories

  2. Jaan Pill
    Jaan Pill says:

    Wonderful to read your comment, Vivien. I remember Peter Allnutt, from the days when I was at McGill. As I recall from those days, Peter and Diane might have been related. I’ll let Graeme Decarie know of your comment. He enjoys reading comments from former students, these many years later.

    For certain, so many classmates have passed away. I’ve been keeping a list at this website, of MCHS teachers and students who have passed away. I think I set it up in the first place at Graeme Decarie’s suggestion.

  3. Graeme Decarie
    Graeme Decarie says:

    I remember Vivien Zbik and Diane Allnutt well. It’s surprising how many students I remember from my PSGM days. It’s a much, much higher proportion than I remember from university teaching.

    Again, I miss teaching. The lack of it makes retirement really boring.

    Did you know that Jim McGowan died? It was at least twenty years ago that he died of a heart attack. He was at his farm in Cowansville at the time. He lived there in summer, but worked and taught in Japan the rest of the year.

  4. Jaan Pill
    Jaan Pill says:

    I’ve been looking again at the signatures in the book from 1958. I’m really pleased you found the book, after those many years.

    I knew that Jim McGowan had died but did not know about his farm. I remember Jim well, from the time he taught at MCHS.


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