Two women scoping out cars (looking inside, checking doors) Thirty Seventh Street in Etobicoke, Jan. 29, 2016

Following item is from a recent post by a Long Branch resident at the Long Branch Neighbourhood Watch online group:

WARNING: A contractor was measuring my backyard on Friday (Jan 29 around 11:15 am) and saw two women scoping out cars (looking inside, checking doors) along 37th street. As they came to his truck he approached them and they became defensive, accusing him of staring at them and watching them.

His description of them:

Female 1: white, overweight, about 5’5”, reading glasses, with straight, dark brown, shoulder length hair, brown eyes, white jacket, running shoes

Female 2: white, also about 5’5”, sunglasses, grey/yellowing hair, passed her shoulders with big curls, a dark puffy hooded jacket, blue jeans and sunglasses, running shoes, and was riding a bicycle

[Age described as around 50.]


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