Thefts at Gus Ryder Health Club in southern Etobicoke

I work out regularly at the Gus Ryder Health Club just north of Birmingham west of Kipling. I’ve been working out a different places for well over a decade. I make a point of always carrying my keys and wallet with me, when I work out. That’s because I’ve heard of many cases, over the years, when people have had lockers broken open and their money, keys, even clothing stolen.

Anyway, there’s a sign that’s been posted in locker rooms at Gus Ryder these days, warning people not to leave valuables in lockers, as there have been recent cases where a bolt cutter has been used to break into change-room lockers.


Toronto Police Service 22 Division has responded with the following information:

We have had 3 incidents at Gus Ryder Pool.

March 30 between 2010 and 2040 hours, a citizen had his keys taken from his jacket in the locker room. His vehicle was then entered in the parking lot and cash and credit cards were removed.

April 11 between 1800-2000n hours, a citizen had a padlock cut from his locker and cash was taken.

April 15 between 1700-1830 hours, a citizen had his unlocked locker entered while he was taking a shower. Cash and id were stolen.

We are investigating these occurrences and are reviewing surveillance video to see if any suspects can be identified. At this time there is no further information regarding any suspects. It is recommended that people limit the amount of valuables that they take to the gym. It is also recommended that they use high quality locks when storing their valuables at the gym. We also ask that any suspicious persons be reported to the staff and police.

[End of text from 22 Division]


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