Mississauga approves motion to ban door-to-door sales – CBC report, April 27, 2016

An April 27, 2016 CBC article is entitled: “Mississauga approves motion to ban door-to-door sales: Ban not about ‘the girl guides who are maybe selling cookies as a charity,’ says Coun. Karen Ras.”

The lead paragraphs note:

Mississauga City Council has approved a motion that asks the province to ban some door-to-door sales in the city.

Coun. Karen Ras presented the motion Wednesday morning. The ban would apply to salespeople in the home services sector, which includes products like water heaters, HVAC and water filtration systems.

“We’re at a stage where the legislation is not strong enough to deal with the home sales rentals of those types of home service equipment,” said Ras. “And through the aggressive and very misleading sales tactics, our most vulnerable people are being affected — seniors, English as a second language residents, and it’s all across Ontario.”

[End of excerpt]


Some years ago Phil Gray, a Second World War veteran and journalist, brought my attention to door-to-door scams that were taking place in southern Etobicoke.

Somewhat to my surprise, a blog post that I wrote at the time, in response to his comments, became one of the most frequently read posts at my website:

Beware of energy scammers going door to door

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