May 5, 2016 Etobicoke South Cycling Committee meeting starts 7:00 pm at LAMP

The following message is from David Juliusson of Long Branch:

Hi all

The meeting will be held at LAMP from 7-9 PM on May 5.

1. The City Council approved the Lakeshore Cycle Track. It also instructed the City transportation manager in the following

City Council direct the General Manager, Transportation Services to report to the June 14, 2016 meeting of Etobicoke York Community Council on plans to re-introduce and encourage cycling on Lake Shore Boulevard West, between the Humber River and Norris Crescent.

What suggestions do we have to help him meet that goal?

2. Trustee Gough has her Safe Routes to School meeting on May 10. She wants suggestions on how to make it safer to walk and ride to school. How can we help her?

3. We have been looking at community festivals we can become involved in. What are we interested in?

4. Cycle Toronto has released the ward pages for Wards 5 and 6 to David and Robert . What do we wish to put on the pages? Who do we want to have access?

5. Our facebook page has begun. How do we increase its readership?

6. We keep falling behind on minutes etc from our meetings. Is anyone interested in becoming a secretary for our group?

7. May 30 is Bike to Work Day. We are leading our annual ride to meet the main one at High Park. We leave from the Thunderbird bridge at 6:30 AM. Who would like to attend?

8. The next Humber Bay Shores meeting is May 16. What do we wish to be discussed?

Any new business.

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Comment from Jaan Pill

I am impressed with the ongoing work of this committee. It’s my hope that someone will take on the task of recording the minutes.

The work of the committee brings to mind the legacy of the late Jim Carr, a leading local cycling enthusiast – and exemplar of outstanding, results-oriented civic engagement – of not so many years ago. He is missed by those of us who got to know him in those years.


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  1. David Juliusson
    David Juliusson says:

    One idea that Jim would have liked is people writing asking Councillor Grimes why we can’t have more cycling summer camps for students in our ward. Jim believed children cycling benefitted everybody. Summer camps would teach them skills, would cost no more than other camps and would be paid for by parents who sign their children up

  2. Jaan Pill
    Jaan Pill says:

    That’s a good idea, David. I will do my bit. I will write to the Councillor. A small way that I can add to Jim Carr’s work on behalf of the wider community.


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