De Correspondent: A New Kind of Journalism – A most inspiring May 3, 2017 Coral Project article

A May 3, 2017 Coral Project article is entitled: “De Correspondent: A New Kind of Journalism.”

An excerpt reads:

During the six month duration of our New to the Netherlands project, 279 members of De Correspondent each chose to meet with a newly-arrived refugee, once a month for five months. Each time they met, the member-refugee pair would be given a list of questions to answer together. These member interviews then formed the basis of new stories on our site about what happens to refugees once they’ve been granted a residence permit in this country – an experience largely ignored by the mainstream media. This unique form of group journalism shed some light on the little-known world of newcomers, while fostering social cohesion in our society through newfound connections.


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A May 6, 2017 Toronto Star article is entitled: “Turning experts into journalists, with a ‘big cognitive shift’: How the Munk fellowship in global journalism at the University of Toronto teaches experts to reach beyond their field.”


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