Conserving Long Branch June 2017 Update 2 from David Godley

The following update is from David Godley of Long Branch:

Long Branch is desperately hoping for sunny ways with the beginning of the Toronto Local Appeal Board

1) Application Status

2) Long Branch Neighbourhood Association

3) Willowdale Urban Desogn Guidelines

4) Long Branch Plaza

5) Inspiration Lakeview

David’s message includes the following attached file:





1) Application Status

Appeals from May 3 onwards from the Committee of Adjustment (COA) go to the new Toronto Local Appeal Board (TLAB).

TLAB status now posted on Development Applications Site. Thank goodness for this web site as it would be impossible to keep track of the many applications in Long Branch and across the City.

Well done City of Toronto

Recent COA decisions

32 36th Street, 3 storey buildings, soldier houses 0.35 to 0.91 density. Far too high a density. If 30 32nd is approved a new area of character destruction will be started. (Deferred April COA) No hearing date.

62 30th St. 3 storey modern 0.35 density to 0.84 (Deferred COA April)

9 38th Street. A revised application from February 2016. 2 storey traditional and ultra modern on 25 feet frontage lots from 0.35at 0.56 density in a solid area of wide lots. Approved by COA and appealed by the City to TLAB.

This is Long Branch ‘s first appeal to TLAB. No hearing date has been set although another application of the 5 in Etobicoke York has been scheduled for 31st August. We are already finding differences in the process; the largest one will be obtaining outline evidence and party/participant status early in the process. This is likely to start this month for 9 38th Street.

29 Lake Promenade. 2 storey new house, no density change. Approved 4 May COA

303 Lake Promenade. Deck 4 sm to 97 sm (2600% increase!) 1 June COA Approved

99 27th Street (2) 3 storey detached 0.35 to 1.18 – a non-fit proposal at over 3 times density where the character is rapidly becoming that of Brampton North. People in this area have now faced 6 OMB hearings with 2 outstanding. Refused. No appeal

56 31st Street. Modern 2 storey new house, density 0.35 to 0.55. No information posted

32 28th St 2 storey 0.35 density to 0.70. Planning recommend deferral. No information posted

51 Elder Street. 3 storey house density 0.35 to 0.98. 1 June COA. No information posted

Outstanding Committee of Adjustment Applications

38 36th Street. 3 storey soldier houses 0.35 density to 0.70. 29 June COA.

8 Branch Avenue. Classic split for 2 soldier houses, 0.35 density to 0.98 (very high) plus increase in height 31 feet to 37 feet. 24 August COA

75 James Street. Genuine minor variance, detached house from 0.35 to 0.41 density. 27 July COA

22 33rd Street, Variances for semis 0.60 density to 0.69. Consent already appealed by owner to OMB. 27 July COA

31 Fairfield Road. increase in density from 0.35 to 0.63. 29 June COA

75 25th. No information posted No hearing date

31 25th No information posted COA 27 July

32 36th Soldier houses 0.81 and 0.91 density. Deferred at COA on Planning Advice. No hearing date

10 Lake Promenade, 2 soldier houses density 0.35 to 0.59 in a solid area of 50 feet wide lots. 28 Sep COA

If you wish to look at all the material online go to “City of Toronto” “Development Applications” “Committee of Adjustment” “Ward 6” “Search” and follow the cues

OMB Hearings

30 36th Street. Decision to approve severance and deny variances. This can be quoted at future hearings on side yard set yard setbacks being functional and that the market is not part of planning considerations. PL160520

80 Twenty Third Street, January 4 2017. Awaiting Decision

68 Daisy Avenue, 73 4 storey townhouse units, February 24 2017. Prehearing Conference for 1 day held. Hearing Day 10 October 2017

82 Twenty Seventh Street, March 21 2017 Awaiting Decision PL161006

9 Meaford , April 11 2017 No planner on board. Awaiting Decision. PL161048

5 31st, 28 March 2017 Approved This was a speculater who bought the property, severed and sold.

5 Ramsgate, 16 May 2017 Awaiting Decision PL161257

20 Elton, 28 March 2017 Approved by Mary Anne Sills the worst OMB hearing Officer. PL161057 (attached)

24 33rd, 1/2 May 2017 No planner on board Awaiting Decision PL161073

22 33rd Street, appeal of consent only after COA refusal. A new application has been submitted for semis instead of singles which is likely to be appealed to TLAB (see above).

Long Branch Neighbourhood Association

Met on June 5th 2017 to appoint a provisional board to arrange the first annual general meeting for hopefully September.

Brian Liberty explained processes, answered questions and received ideas at a well attended meeting at the Legion next to Long Branch GO station.


Willowdale Urban Design Guidelines (the same process as Long Branch Urban Design Guidelines)

[There’s a meeting on June 13, 2017]

4) Long Branch (No Frills) Plaza

There is a Shoppers Drug Mart being built in Long Branch Plaza which will make room for a proposed 5 storey development at the sute near the Long Branch Library

5) Inspiration Lakeview

Attended the announcement of land consolidation for 110 acres of development land and 67 acres of parkland with Charles Sousa, Bonnie Crombie, Councillor Tovey who has led the grassroots process, and the head of OPG.

Letters of intent will go out to developers tomorrow with a 60 day turn around.

This is a perfect example of grass roots planning with everyone on board and Mississauga bragging they are at the leading edge of development.

An award should be given not for the project which does not have real sophistication, but for the process.

Every public meeting in Toronto is a battleground because the development industry leads. If only we could exchange mayors. I have always extolled Mayor Crombie!


I am an independent retired planner who helps people though the complex maze of Committee of Adjustment Applications.
Feel free to forward information or make contributions. For previous editions see Jaan Pill’s “preserved stories” website.


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