Key Campaign Item No. 1: Pamela Gough will fight over-height development & excessive densities

In this video clip, Pamela Gough outlines the first item in her election campaign platform:

No. 1 – Fight over-height development & excessive densities and maintain neighbourhood character

Pamela Gough shares the following overview of her campaign for election as Ward 3 Councillor:

“As your public school board trustee, I have reopened schools, saved green space, and championed school-zone safety. I am the only candidate with elected experience throughout Etobicoke-Lakeshore, including the former Wards 5 and 6. I will bring that experience, a new vision, and integrity to City Hall.”



The key points in Pamela’s campaign platform are:

(1) Fight over-height development & excessive densities and maintain neighbourhood character

(2) Employ a range of creative housing solutions to tackle Etobicoke’s growing affordability crisis

(3) Address pedestrian & cycling safety with traffic calming, reduced speed limits, and street redesign

(4) Reduce road congestion by prioritizing better public transit & fighting to secure the Park Lawn GO station

(5) Build complete communities with investment in infrastructure, services and facilities, and green space

(6) Foster South Etobicoke businesses & protect our employment districts to grow sustainable, quality jobs

(7) Promote neighbourhood safety via community building-addressing the root causes of violence with evidence-based solutions-and enforcement

(8) Be your transparent, fiscally responsible & engaged representative, always working for Etobicoke-Lakeshore


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