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Heritage architect Julian Smith compares historical and cultural landscape concepts – Stephanie Calvet, Nov. 27, 2012

I found a Nov. 27, 2012 blog post by Stephanie E. Calvet of interest. I found the discussion, in Stephanie Calvet’s post, of the distinction between heritage landscape and cultural landscape of particular interest. I have, in this context, been researching back stories of relevance to the Wesley Mimico United Church redevelopment story. Deer Park […]


Ontario’s land-use planning framework gives rise to three options for the adaptive reuse of heritage places of worship

The Wesley Mimico United Church redevelopment project is predicated upon the fact that churches are not autonomous agents with regard to heritage places of worship. They are, instead, part of a regulated land-use system. Hackworth and Gullikson (2013) A recent journal article by Jason Hackworth and Erin Gullikson of the University of Toronto outlines how Ontario’s […]


Giving new meaning to religious conversion – Jason Hackworth and Erin Gullikson (2013)

Updates: The following July 8, 2013 post focuses upon the Wesley Mimico redevelopment, which features a church/congregation in the role of developer of a heritage-listed property: The outcome of the Wesley Mimico redevelopment story will depend upon negotiations related to the Ontario Heritage Act Two more recent posts discuss details of the Hackworth and Gullikson […]


Making meaning of heritage landscapes (2013); Giving new meaning to religious conversion (2013)

A couple of recently published Canadian journal articles related to heritage preservation are of interest. Many articles are accessible at no cost at The Canadian Geographer website. Making meaning of heritage landscapes The first article, by Lachlan B. Barber, is entitled Making meaning of heritage landscapes: The politics of redevelopment in Halifax, Nova Scotia. [To […]


Historically significant places of worship are usually closely linked with their faith communities, according to the Ontario Heritage Act

This post concerns the relationship between places of worship and the faith communities that are associated with them. According to an Ontario Heritage Toolkit document, “place of worship” is an inclusive term that encompasses: churches mosques synagogues temples chapels such as within convents or seminaries shrines, meeting houses, or other places of assembly for religious […]


Ontario’s heritage places of worship may be characterized as living cultural heritage resources

This blog post concerns Heritage Places of Worship: A Guide to Conserving Heritage Places of Worship in Ontario Communities. As I understand, this is an Ontario Heritage Tool kit document. You can access the PDF file of the guide by clicking here. Alternatively you can access the file by clicking on the following link: Heritage_Tool_Kit_Places_of_Worship The […]


News highlights

Once or twice a week I send out news highlights to my email distribution list, which I set up as part of the Parkview School story, before I set up the Preserved Stories website. The news highlights, in turn, are based on my online Newsletter category. I set up the newsletter – a format that […]