Peter Halliday has shared some great links related to Raimbault Creek and other Montreal lost creeks

Peter Halliday, who has shared with us an aerial photo featuring Raimbault Creek in Cartierville, which I’ve posted to this site in the past, has shared the following links. Peter Halliday writes: This is the archives I’ve been poking around in: The indication on the image is 24-29 and you can access the photo […]

Graeme Decarie has tried hard to remember “how we got to Saraguay in its forest days”

Recently Mr. Decarie has told me about a photo he has of a trapper, and the story that goes with the photo. I’m looking forward to posting the photo and the story that goes with it. On that subject, and regarding Saraguay, Graeme Decarie has shared with us the following comments: I’ll take a look […]

Mindfulness stands in contrast to mindlessness

An Oct. 22, 2014 New York Times article is entitled: “What if age is nothing but a mind-set?” The article describes an experiment in which a group of subjects in their senior years, who had graduated from high school many decades earlier, were provided an intensive array of sensory cues – such as music from the 1950s, […]

Without positing a simple-minded connection, Not Hollywood (2013) argues that taste is linked to a particular class background

I have previously posted several items about Not Hollywood (2013). This post discusses these and other posts. Toronto Public Library resources I came across Sherry B. Ortner’s work when I was reading The Hidden Life of Girls (2006), a linguistic anthropology study of cliques of popular girls in American schools. The author of the latter […]

We owe thanks to Eric Karbin for this great Grade 7, June 1958 class photo from Cartierville School in Montreal

Online chapter by Tanni Kents in Estonian Life Stories (2009) describes her family’s postwar arrival in Cartierville

Click here to access BBC Estonia country profile > In the course of an online search for “Cartierville School Preserved Stories,” I came across the English translation of a chapter in Estonian Life Stories by my late mother Tanni Kents. I’ve read the Estonian version, but had not seen the English version for some years. […]

Additional comments from Graeme Decarie – regarding Saraguay, Cartierville School, and Marlborough Golf Club

We welcome additional biographies from MCHS 60s graduates and staff

We are very happy to add more MCHS biographies to the MCHS 60s Biographies & Histories Category at this website. Altogether, we have four Categories related to MCHS at the Preserved Stories website, listed at the left of the landing page: MCHS 60s Biographies & Histories MCHS 60s Facebook links MCHS 60s REGISTRATION: Please make […]

Klaas Vander Baaren has added a new comment at “Cartierville School in Montreal”

Klaas Vander Baaren has added a new comment at Cartierville School in Montreal. By way of bringing your attention to his comment, I’m posting it as a separate post. In the process, I’ve added spacing between the paragraphs and have corrected the spelling for Morison. I learned some time back that the correct spelling is […]