Built Heritage News – Nov. 11, 2014: Lead item concerns the fate of Bala Falls

You can access the newsletter here. The lead item reads: Letter to Premier Wynne re: Bala Falls Dear Honourable Kathleen Wynne, I am writing to you in regard to the proposed Bala Falls waterpower project at the location of the beautiful Bala Falls in Bala, Muskoka, Ontario. Four years ago, the citizens of Muskoka Lakes […]

Even after adjusting for income, left-leaning metros tend to have worse income inequality and less affordable housing: Oct. 29, 2014 Atlantic

I much enjoy reading about evidence-based research, which occasionally gives rise to conclusions that may appear counterintuitive. An Oct. 29, 2014 Atlantic article is of interest, in this regard. The article is entitled: “Why Middle-Class Americans Can’t Afford to Live in Liberal Cities: Blue America has a problem: Even after adjusting for income, left-leaning metros […]

Toronto is a world class laggard when it comes to street pedestrianisation: David Godley

David Godley, whose texts I have posted extensively at this website (you can do do a search for “David Godley Preserved Stories” to find them), has played a key role in a recent planning challenge – which gave rise to a successful, win/win outcome – related to Villa Road in Long Branch. We owe thanks […]

Not I (2013); George Sprott (2009); The Power of Habit (2012)

These are three great books; they work together well: Not I Not I: Memoirs of a German Childhood (2013) “A portrait of an intellectually rigorous German household opposed to the Nazis and how its members suffered for their political stance.” George Sprott George Sprott: 1894-1975: A Picture Novella (2009) “The life of a small-time Canadian […]

Toronto District School Board – Ward 3 Trustee Pamela Gough Update: Nov. 4, 2014

The following update is from Pamela Gough’s office [You can access the following text online at the following link: Ward 3 Trustee Pamela Gough Update: Nov. 4, 2014. [At the latter link you can access the additional links, that are included in online text, but which I have not included in the text below.] Ward […]

Two additional messages from Harry Chan (MCHS 65) at previous MCHS post

I was pleased to open my email messages this morning and to find two great comments, via my Preserved Stories website, by Harry Chan (MCHS 65). You can access the new comments as additions to a previous post, and I’ve posted them below as well, by way of bringing your attention to them: “We had quite […]

Howard Hight and Wayne Grier travelling in Greece. The topic is MCHS 2015.

I’m very pleased to share with you this photo (right) of Howard Hight and Wayne Grier from a recent cruise in Greece. Oct. 17, 2015 MCHS Sixties Reunion Howard Hight, who lives near Boston, and Wayne Grier have been friends going back many years. Howard is a key member of the organizing group that is […]

Video of Edmonton piano man goes viral: Oct. 30, 2014 CBC article (with the link)

You can access the story here. A beautiful video it is, as is the radio interview with the videographer. An Oct. 32, 2014 CBC article provides a back story.