James Baldwin adds a comment regarding “Urgent need for planning initiatives.” The topic concerns OMB decisions in Long Branch.

Update: I have been copied on an exchange of emails, dated March 9, 2015, indicating that (and I quote): “… there is no ‘settlement’. The City will no longer oppose the application because of the reduction in density and length of the house. At the hearing, the developer’s counsel will present the revised drawings. Residents still have […]

Update regarding 25 Twenty Fourth St., Long Branch; Response from Local Planning

Message from David Godley to Eddy, March 7, 2015 From: David Godley <mhairig@pathcom.com> Date: Saturday, March 7, 2015 at 11:14 AM To: Eddy Subject: Update on 25 Twenty Fourth Street, Local Planning’s Response Hi Eddy, I am not sure how you fill a role at the upcoming hearing on March 18 on 25 24th Street. […]

Sunday, March 8, 2015: Living the Way of the Bicycle – Alix Aylen (along with bike & tent)

The following information is from Geoff Kettel of Toronto. I first met Geoff at a presentation regarding Heritage Toronto some years ago. Sunday at Lambton House Living the way of the bicycle Alix Aylen (along with bike and tent) Sunday, March 8th, 2015 Doors open 12:00pm Talk at 2:00pm Free admission Refreshments 4066 Old Dundas […]

Who will defend neighbourhoods? Letter from David Godley in March 5, 2015 Toronto Star

The following letter to the editor from David Godley is from the March 5, 2015 Toronto Star: Re: Tory’s executive committee in battle over new city staff positions, March 2 Tory’s executive committee in battle over new city staff positions, March 2 Councillor Michelle Berardinetti’s move to eliminate new staff positions is shortsighted. It will open […]

Comment from Brian Liberty regarding Long Branch community meeting re: Consent applications

A previous post also refers to the topic at hand: David Godley, a retired professional planner, shared evidence about 20 James Street at an OMB hearing on Feb. 13, 2015 I am pleased to share with you the following message from Brian Liberty of Long Branch, which I am posting with his permission I have […]

David Godley, a retired professional planner, shared evidence about 20 James Street at an OMB hearing on Feb. 13, 2015

Work is underway on the launching of a Long Branch Residents Association. Some weeks ago, I attended a meeting organized by Brian Liberty, who is in the process of launching a Long Branch Residents Association. In a subsequent post, I have shared a message from Brian Liberty addressing topics that David Godley addresses in the post you […]

Switching from one task to another

In previous posts I’ve discussed the topic of how we learn: The research defies what we’ve been told: How We Learn (2014) and The Handbook of Language Socialization (2014) Mindfulness stands in contrast to mindlessness Memories are malleable – capable of being stretched or bent into different shapes Teaching I retired as an elementary teacher […]

David Godley favours good planning – for Toronto’s sake

David Godley lives on Lake Promenade in Long Branch in south Etobicoke. You can reach David Godley at mhairig@pathcom.com or 416-255-0492. In the text that follows – with the exception of the introduction you are now reading, the text is all from David Godley – I’m using the colour scheme that David has chosen. I’ve […]

On Feb. 26, 2015 I attended a screening of “Not Business As Usual” at the Riverdale Hub

Social Enterprise Toronto On Feb. 26, 2015, I attended a screening at the Riverdale Hub of a documentary – Not Business As Usual – about Social Enterprise, organized by Social Enterprise Toronto. The evening was a great opportunity for networking. Like the concept of Social Innovation, which I learned about through my involvement with Jane’s […]

Vaughn Tanaka of Vaughn Automotive: “A great mechanic and an A1 guy!”

Maureen Doyle has added a comment to a previous post about Vaughn Tanaka of Vaughn Automotive: Phone, voicemail, or text at 416-565-8466 or Vaughn Tanaka <vaughn.tanaka@rogers.com> The original post is entitled: Vaughn Tanaka of Jim Morita Inc. has relocated; he’s been looking after my car for many years I’m pleased to share Maureen’s comment today, […]