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Barrio Rising: Urban Popular Politics and the Making of Modern Venezuela (2015)

In previous posts I have spoken about Venezuela. Barrio Rising: Urban Popular Politics and the Making of Modern Venezuela (2015) is a valuable additional resource regarding the history of Venezuela. A publisher’s blurb (which I’ve broken into shorter paragraphs) for the book reads: In the mid-1950s, in an effort to modernize Venezuela, the military government […]


Elements of storytelling include (4) focus on the backstage, (5) reinhabitation of places through narrative, and (6) open-endedness

1. Getting attention 2. Playing the role 3. Collaboration A previous post is entitled: Storytelling: Getting attention; playing the role; collaboration The above-noted post provides an overview of the three above-noted elements. In a comment at the post, I’ve referred, as well, to a fourth element, which has to do with the distinction between frontstage and […]


Does Bordeaux Jail still exist?

I’ve received a message from Graeme Decarie: Graeme Decarie writes: Bordeaux Jail Does it still exist? If so, it must be in the middle of a suburb. It’s the prison that was the site of more executions than any other prison in Canada. graeme [End of message from Graeme Decarie] Jaan Pill comments: Does anyone […]


Well-attended Government and Community Services Fair took place at Cloverdale Mall on Feb. 20, 2016

I’ve been visiting Cloverdale Mall for many years: Click here for previous posts about Cloverdale Mall > One of my previous posts refers to one of several Government and Community Services Fairs I’ve attended over the years: Government and Community Services Fair – Feb. 23, 2013 – Cloverdale Mall As well, I wrote a post […]