Can you help us figure out WHERE IN LONG BRANCH this July 1915 photo, featuring Harold Snelgrove, age 2, was taken? Cottages in background provide key evidence

History of Amsterdam includes lethal wartime role of Amsterdam’s police

Waves wiped out a house at the Lake Ontario shoreline and swept out a family, at 535 Lake Promenade in Long Branch, on March 13, 1952; can you help a family member recover details?

The Cottage Years: Exhibit Guide – Lakeshore Grounds Interpretive Centre – Photo Exhibit in celebration of the 135th Anniversary of Long Branch (Toronto not New Jersey)

In worldwide colonial history Indigenous peoples succumbed to disease arriving with settler society, were pushed aside to marginal lands, or were killed; many resisted

Dictionary of Canadian Biography speaks of Colonel Samuel Smith in his retirement years – as the first settler landowner in Long Branch, following his years of service in Wars of the American Revolution

My interest in colonial and military history began with a study of local history in Toronto