Was the Samuel Smith log cabin really previously occupied by two brothers?

Jim Gill played a key role, as President of the Long Branch Historical Society at that time, in the initiation of the 1984 preliminary archaeological survey at the Parkview School grounds. The wider context for this narrative is Military History. I mention this because the link in the previous sentence has been read by many visitors […]

Colonel Samuel Smith and his homestead: Speaking notes for October 2011 presentation

The American Revolution, the First Nations, and Colonel Samuel Smith

My interest in military history arises from my current documentary project in Long Branch where I live. One of the personalities associated with Long Branch is Colonel Samuel Smith who faught in the Wars of the American Revolution. Not much is known about Colonel Smith. He’s perhaps best known for deprecations directed his way by the Scottish author and reformer Robert Gourlay after a visit to Smith’s log cabin east […]

What was once a major wildlife habitat at the mouth of the Etobicoke Creek has been ‘engineered out of existence’

Andy Iadinardi – Aquaview Condominiums

  Andy Iadinardi performed a great job as Construction Superintendent during the building of Aquaview Condominiums at 3865 Lake Shore Blvd. West between Forty First and Forty Second Streets in Long Branch in southwestern Etobicoke. In the spring of 2011, as the construction process at Aquaview was winding down, Andy hired Jaan Pill to edit […]