Really interesting to see the Six Points reconfiguration project as it proceeds; alleged lack of holistic vision also noted

I was really pleased to learn the 75th Anniversary Event at the Small Arms Inspection Building has been SOLD OUT!

Watch 2 time Canadian Champion Dancers Boris & Patricia perform at the 75th Anniversary of the Small Arms Inspection Building May 25th. FREE tickets

Did residents from Pleasant Valley Mobile Home Park relocate in 1954 to Twin Pines Mobile Home Park?

An Unfinished Timeline: The Pleasant Valley Mobile Home Park Eviction in Mississauga: Research paper by Lauren Burkhardt

Coming up soon at Preserved Stories website: a most interesting paper based on archival research by Lauren Burkhardt: An Unfinished Timeline: The Pleasant Valley Mobile Home Park Eviction

In Stratford as in Toronto and Mississauga, people have worked together many years, in order to save cherished historical buildings and neighbourhoods from destruction

Doug Smith shares a memorable 1950s childhood story regarding 1909 Middle Road Bridge in Mississauga

A post of some time back is entitled: 1909 postcard on the radials through Long Branch (Jane Fairburn); 1909 Middle Road Bridge (Dave Cook) In a recent comment at the above-noted post, Doug Smith has shared a memory from the late ’50s, which I am pleased to feature at the current post, as as a […]

Small Arms Society – Story Telling Social, March 6, 2019, 6:30 pm, A.N.A.F., 765 Third St., Mississauga

Click here to access the Small Arms Society message about the March 6, 2019 event, on your browser > The story of the repurposing of the Small Arms (Inspection) Building in Mississauga is among the most inspiring stories that I ever came across during the twenty-one years I lived next door to Mississauga in Long […]

Arnold’s Restaurant was a well known Long Branch landmark for many years

I am working, at my leisure, on a history of Long Branch. An early draft of my project can be accessed at a previous post, entitled: A History of Long Branch (Toronto) – DRAFT 4 The enthusiasm of site visitors, in response to the above-noted post, underlines for me that there is, indeed, a lot […]