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Evidence-based practice and the eradication of science

I have an interest in evidence-based practice. When scientific data and research are under threat, each of us as a citizen is under threat. In an earlier post, I’ve discussed the role of fraud in relation to scientific credentials. At the latter post, I’ve shared the following information: Fake academic credentials In general, claims of factuality […]


Colonel Samuel Smith Park and address on Thirty Ninth Street in Long Branch featured in wiretap evidence

I was interested to learn that a recent police report related to Rob Ford’s activities mentions Colonel Samuel Smith (misspelled in the report as “Colonial Samuel’s”) Park. The report notes (p. 22 in the PDF file, which is p. 51 of the original document) that the mayor fabricated a story in which he claimed to have […]


The evidence doesn’t back up the Military Revolution thesis: Jeremy Black (2011)

Museums have a relationship to history, a relationship that’s been explored in some depth. In Theorizing Museums (1996), there’s a reference to Timothy Mitchell’s observation that in nineteenth-century Europe, the museum exhibit was constructed as a simulation of external reality, with a clear sense of separation between the reality and the representation. A European museum-goer […]