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“I have to say that my caddy days led me to detest golf,” Graeme Decarie comments

Below are some recent comments at a post entitled: Additional comments from Graeme Decarie – regarding Saraguay, Cartierville School, and Marlborough golf club I’ve posted the two most recent comments, as a way of bringing attention to them. Donald Lortie comments: I caddied at Marlborough in the early 60’s – I remember the Lawrence Brothers […]


Soryl (Shulman) Rosenberg, MCHS Phys Ed teacher, will read out an address to the students from Graeme Decarie

Contact details for Graeme Decarie Graeme Decarie will not be able to make it to the MCHS ’60s Reunion, because of family responsibilities that he must attend to. However, we will share an address that he has prepared, which will be read out at the reunion. As well, any student who wishes to get in […]


Graeme Decaries discusses what we know and don’t know about the British Royal family (especially as it relates to 1930s)

Over the past year, we’ve had many online conversations with Graeme Decarie, who taught history at Malcolm Campbell High School in the early years of the school’s existence. Graeme has added much to my own understanding of the history of Cartierville and Saraguay among other places. My site would have many fewer page visits, and many […]


The Rise and Fall of English Montreal (1993) was an NFB film for which Graeme Decarie was historical advisor and occasional commentator

Updates A May 2017 CBC interactive webpage is entitled: “Montreal is 375 years old, but how old are its buildings?” A May 17, 2017 Montreal Gazette article is entitled: “Montreal’s history did not start 375 years ago.” [End]   We have previously featured posts in which Bob Hill’s research about the English presence in Quebec has […]