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Trent University is retaining Canada’s modern architectural heritage: March 9, 2018 Globe and Mail article

A March 9, 2018 Globe and Mail article is entitled: “At a moment of architectural crisis, Trent University is retaining Canada’s modern heritage: The institution is engaged in a careful renovation of its original Bata Library, while new projects are being guided by attention to the original campus.” Outcomes of 1960s-era architectural design at Trent […]


Highly successful In Situ event at Small Arms Building in Mississauga, Oct. 27 to 29, 2016: Great turnout, great sense of organization

I am delighted that I had the opportunity, on the evening of Saturday, Oct. 29, 2016, to attend an In Situ event at the Small Arms Building in Mississauga. We were impressed with the turnout, the enthusiasm, and the great sense of organization. The event appealed to groups of all ages. It was clear that every detail […]


The real problem with America’s inner cities: May 10, 2015 New York Times article

Many perspective lend themselves to the study of what are called “inner cities.” Among the perspectives is evidence-based research including ethnographic research by Alice Goffman, the daughter of Erving Goffman. Another perspective relates to evidence-based research about North American drug laws. A May 10, 2015 New York Times article is entitled:”The Real Problem With America’s Inner […]


Stage magic and Fair Trade coffee

By way of an introduction: 1) Truthiness refers to sense making in the absence of evidence. 2) What does the work of stage magicians tell us about how the mind works? The link to a May 3, 2008 Boston Globe article about this topic can be accessed at the previous sentence. The article notes that […]