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Beware the waterfront trail to the west of the Humber River; many collisions have occurred along the trail

In an earlier post, I’ve noted that driving in Toronto requires your full attention, and the fines for distracted driving are substantial. The caption to the photo on the right highlights the story. In the current post, I want to bring your attention to some features of the Humber River. 1) Humber River runs close by […]


Would a workplace without managers work?

A July 29, 2015 Globe and Mail article is entitled: “Holacracy: Would a workplace without managers work?” The article highlights an approach to getting things done that strongly appeals to me. In 30 years of volunteer work, it’s been my anecdotal experience that what I like to call a flat-hierachy approach to getting things done […]


Tasks for Volunteers (MCHS 2015)

An update to this page can be found here: Can you help us to set up online video conferencing for the MCHS 2015 Reunion? Can anyone help with these projects? If you can, please contact us. 1) Nancy Renz has posted in MCHS ’60s Reunion: “Just a suggestion – there are many websites “What was […]


Why a Reunion in Toronto, not Montreal?

Why Toronto, not Montreal? What follows is an edited version of our April 1, 2015 discussion in Kitchener, among members of the Event Committee, about the “Why Toronto?” topic. This is a question that everybody has an opinion about. It’s a great topic for discussion. At our April 1, 2015 meeting, we had the following dialogue, which […]