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A Meeting of the People: School Boards and Protestant Communities in Quebec, 1801-1998 (2004)

This post is a follow-up to an earlier post about Cartierville School. A useful reference, regarding topics in the post, is A Meeting of the People: School Boards and Protestant Communities in Quebec, 1801-1998 (2004). You can access the study online at Google Books. You can do a search for “Cartierville” at the link in the previous sentence. […]


Supreme Court halts use of expert opinions (Feb. 20, 2014 Globe and Mail)

As a person with an interest in evidence-based practice, in all fields of endeavour, I was interested to read a Feb. 20, 2014 Globe and Mail article entitled: “Supreme Court halts use of expert opinions.” The opening paragraphs read: The Supreme Court of Canada has told the country’s prosecutors that expert witnesses, including police officers, […]


“Was It Worth It?” Canadian Intervention in Afghanistan and Perceptions of Success and Failure – Canadian Military Journal, Vol. 14, No. 1

The article that is the topic of this post notes that Sean M. Maloney, PhD, teaches History at the Royal Military College of Canada, and has also taught extensively in its War Studies Program. He is currently the historical advisor to the Canadian Army for the war in Afghanistan. His article, “‘Was It Worth It?’ […]


Skip the supplements: Vitamin pills should be avoided, journal editors say

A Dec. 16, 2013 CBC article is entitled: “Vitamin pills ‘should be avoided,’ journal editors say.” The subhead reads: “Billions of dollars wasted on vitamin supplements, U.S. doctor says.” The opening paragraphs read: Most vitamins such as antioxidants don’t help to prevent cancer, heart disease and dementia, and some supplements could be harmful, say doctors […]


What is Placemaking?

To find out, click here. I learned of Placemaking from the Fort York Foundation at @fyfoundation My Twitter handle is @jaanpill I also follow @KBlackMuseums @TOhistoricsites and @fortyork I enjoy reading visiting and reading about Fort York: What can we learn about evidence-based practice when we read about Tecumseh? Another Pacemaking post can be found […]


Tecumseh: A Life (John Sugden 1997)

As a follow-up to a recent post about Tecumseh, I’ve borrowed Tecumseh: A Life (1997) from the Toronto Public Library. Given that it came out in 1997, it’s understandable that John Sugden’s book is dated in one aspect of terminology. He uses the term Indians as contrasted to terms, such as First Nations, that are […]


The Technique of Film Editing (1968) is a classic text for film students

The following text is based upon a previous post entitled Drug Wars (2013) updates. It focuses and enlarges upon themes related to editing, contextualization, and management of attention and emotional response in accordance with principles of instrumental reason in a machine in the garden era. Film history We are dealing with history, and its conceptualization. Heritage […]